Codex Madrid, Madrid II, Hammer Codex Bundle

Codex Madrid, Madrid II, Hammer Codex Bundle


Author: Leonardo Da Vinci

Date: 1490-1499

Page #: Codex Madrid  - 356 pages/Codex Madrid Part 2  - 345 pages/Hammer Codex  -  83 pages

Reproduction Dimensions: 11.75 x 8.75 IN

Price: $299.99

History: "Leonardo Da Vinci's Codex Madrid and Madrid part 2" was written in 1490. It contains his own personal notes and inventions.  Volume one contents include mechanics, statics, and geometry.  Also a small section of fortification if included. The entire codex is written in Da Vinci’s own unique handwriting style, an Italian dialect, and also backwards.

History: "The Hammer Codex," also known as the Codex Leicester, is a collection of scientific writings by Leonardo Da Vinci. Most of the writings are on the subject of water. Of the 30 surviving Leonardo notebooks, the Hammer Codex is one of the most famous. This codex brought record sales, at the Christie's auction house in 1994, a staggering 30,802,500 USD. Bill Gates was the winning bidder.

All three books are bundled together for Presidents Day 2018 for a price of 299.99


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