Codex Tonalamatl Aubin

Codex Tonalamatl Aubin

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Author:  Unknown

Language: Aztec

Date: Unknown

History: "The Aubin Tonalamatl" is a Nahuatl codex, which consists of eighteen screen-folded pages on maguey bark paper. It is constructed out of thirteen bark pieces, that were pasted together. It's meant to be read from right to left. It contains the 260 symbols that represent the tonalpohualli, or the count of days. The codex would originally have been 20 pages long, but the first two pages have been lost. The pages are painted on one side, and the contents relate to divination, recording the omens associated with particular days. Based on where it was found, the codex seems to have originated in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala.

Reproduction Details: Our reproduction is 20 pages of the original scans printed and put together on a single piece of vegetable vellum.


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