Celtic Collection Paperback

Celtic Collection Paperback


Ready to have the all inculsive manual for Medeveil Celtic writings. Look no further.

Our pictorial facsimile includes the best sections from he most sought after Celtic treasures.


The Cathach of Saint Columba (560-630 AD?; psalms & Irish rubrics)

The Book of Durrow (ca. 650?; [gospel]s)

The Stowe Missal (792-803; Mass-book)

The Book of Kells (8th C.?; gospels)

Domnach Airgid fragment (8th C.; gospel)

The Book of Armagh (10th C.; gospels)

The Book of the Dun Cow (11th/12th C.; [anthology])

The Book of Glendalough (1130; genealogies)

The Book of Leinster/Oakvale (ca. 1150; anthology)

The Black Book of Limerick (13th C; religious)

The Book of Fermoy/The Book of Roche (1373; anthology)

The Book of Ballymote (1391; anthology)

The Yellow Book of Lecan (1391-1401; anthology)

The Book of Hy Many (1394; anthology)

The Book of Lismore (1417; religious & secular anthology)

The Great Book of Lecan (1418; anthology)

The Leabhar Breac/Speckled Book (14th/15th C; religious)

The Book of Flavus Fergusiorum (1437 - 1440)

The Book of Fenagh (1516)

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