Dead Sea Scroll "Book of War" with frame

Dead Sea Scroll "Book of War" with frame

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The Book of War fragment from the Dead Sea Scrolls

Price : $119.99 With black frame

Date: 20-50 CE, Herodian Period

Language : Hebrew


The Book of War details an apocalyptic 40-year battle between the forces of good and evil. This fragment preserves a blessing to be recited by the leader of the surviving community upon their victory in the final battle, at the end of time: “God Most High will bless you and shine his face upon you, and he will open for you his rich storehouse in the heavens.” God and his holy angels will bestow abundance and fertility upon the holy congregation, and protect them from plagues and wild animals.

Reproduction Details: 

The reproduction you will look and feel very similar to the original. The frame will be a basic black frame.  Please allow 4 weeks for notification of shipment.

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