Decameron 1401-1500

Decameron 1401-1500


Title: Decameron

Date: 1401-1500 AD

Language: French

Author: Boccaccio (text) Laurent de Premierfait. Translator

Page Number: 810

Description: "The book called Decameron, otherwise the nicknamed Prince Galeot, which contains one hundred news recounted in ten days by seven women and three youngsters, which book contains compiled and escritvi Jehan Boccaccio of Celtald in Florentine langaige, and which nagueres was translated firstly into Latin and secondly in French, in Paris, at the ostel of nobleman, wise and honest man Office of Dampmartin, citoien of Paris, escuier councilor of very powerful and very noble prince Charles, 6th of his name, king of France, by Laurent de Premierfait, famillier of said Bureau, which two translations, by three years made, were accomplished on the fifteenth day of July, the year one thousand four hundred and twelve hundredths.

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