Ferdinand Magellan's Journal, 1522

Ferdinand Magellan's Journal, 1522


Author:  Antonio Pigafetta

Language: French

Date: 1522

Price: $149.99

History/Description: This beautiful manuscript is the journal of Ferdinand Magellan's voyage around the world in 1522. It was written by Antonio Pigafetta, an Italian who survived the excursion. Divided into 57 numbered chapters, and written in French, this magnificent manuscript included maps, notes, and daily life along the trip. This is the finest of the four surviving manuscripts, penned by the four witnesses to the forever lost original texts.

Reproduction Details: The hardcover books are made with two pieces of real wood on the inside. The leather is a 4 oz cowhide, from a small supplier in New York state. The Glue we use to attach the leather to the wood is made at our facility, and is a period correct wheat glue. Along the spine, we use a modern perfect binding, with modern glue, to make the binding last longer. We also add three layers of mull cloth to the outside of the perfect binding, drying in between each layer, a traditional way to make the binding stiff, strong, and resilient.

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