Stonyhurst Gospel History

Heather Broughton:

A script that has been on the adventure of many lifetimes, the Stonyhurst Gospel holds history in between pages and within its’ being. Beginning a journey, arguably, in c. 710, and placed on the tomb of the most popular Saint of Northern England, St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, the Gospel remained in-tact during Viking invasions carrying it to the Durham Cathedral in Durham, England. The Gospel’s whereabouts are blurry during the 1500’s, until reaching Stonyhurst College in Lancashire, North West England, and a final resting place, the British Library.


The book is the Gospel of John written in Latin, and has a large reputation for such a small stature, described as “the world’s most significant book” by the British Library. Manuscripts containing only one gospel are rare, adding to its charm.

We have worked meticulously to bring you a version of the Stonyhurst Gospel true to the original humble being, in size, binding technique, and presentation of one of the smallest surviving Anglo-Saxon manuscripts. Ambush Printing proudly presents, The Stonyhurst Gospel.