King James Bible 1611 Print

King James Bible 1611 Print


Author:  Bible

Language: English

Date: 1611

Page #:

Reproduction Dimensions: 11.75 x 8.75 IN

Price: $349.99

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History: In January 1604, King James I of England convened the Hampton Court Conference, where a new English version of the Holy Bible was conceived in response to the perceived problems of the earlier translations, as detected by the Puritans, a faction within the Church of England. These problems included Psalm 28, the Great Bible stated, 'They were not disobedient,' where as the corrected translation was 'They were not obedient.' Completed by the King's printer, Robert Barker, in 1611, this King James Bible brought about a whole new look to the Holy Bible. Under strict restrictions from King James, the translators formed a Bible that soon became the Holy Bible, which was found on the Pulpit of the Church of England. It replaced its predecessor, the Bishop's Bible.

From the original woodblock printing, we have created an exact reproduction of the original King James Bible. The King James version is the most printed book in history, boasting over 1 billion copies in print, but this 1611 reproduction lets you experience this great work in its original form.

Hardcover without stamping - 299.99

Reproduction Details: The hardcover books are made with wood and either cowhide or soft lamb skin. The binding is a combination of modern and old world techniques. We perfect bind the book block first, then the book is hand sewn into 20 page signatures and then multiple layers of mull cloth are applied, drying in between each layer. The end result is a binding that will last generations to come.

Note: All of our facsimiles are made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for notification of shipment.

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