Codex Runicus

Codex Runicus


Author:  Unknown

Language: Runic

Date: 1300

Pages: 202

Price: $119.99

Description: "The Codex Runicus," a codex of 202 pages written in medieval runes around the year 1300, includes the oldest preserved Nordic provincial law, Scanian Law pertaining to the Danish land Scania. Codex Runicus is one of the few runic texts found on parchment. The manuscript's initials are painted various colors, and the rubrics are red. Each rune corresponds to a letter of the Latin alphabet.

Content: The manuscript has three major parts: the Scanian Law (fol. 1-82), the Scanian Ecclestical Law (fol. 84–91), a chronicle of the early Danish monarchs (fol. 92-97), and a description of the Danish-Swedish border (fol. 97-100). The Scanian Ecclesiastical Law is a settlement detailing the administration of justice, agreed upon by the Scanians and the archbishop of Lund in the late 12th century. The two law texts are written in the same hand, but the non-legal material of the codex, beginning on leaf 92, is believed to have been added in another hand, at a later date. The history section consists of a fragment of a list of Danish kings, and a chronicle beginning with the legendary Danish king Hadding's son Frode. There is an ending with Eric VI of Denmark. Following the historical texts, a description of the oldest border between Sweden and Denmark (referred to as "the Daneholm settlement"). On the last leaf of Codex Runicus, there is a verse with musical notations -- the first musical notations written in Scandinavia. It is the earliest written evidence of secular music in Denmark, a non-rhythmic notation on a four-line staff.

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