Marco Polo - The Book of Wonders

Marco Polo - The Book of Wonders


Marco Polo - The Book of Wonders
Date: 1410-1412

Language: French

Page Number: 607


The illuminated manuscript on Marco Polo's fascinating and adventurous travels ranks among the most famous manuscripts of the Middle Ages and is considered a highlight of French book decoration. Unlike earlier facsimiles that only included 192 pages of this beautiful manuscript our facsimile includes the entire book of 607 pages.

“Marco Polo's Wondrous Travels

The story which inspired the best book illuminators to this true masterpiece is that of the merchant Marco Polo whose father and uncle had already travelled to Asia from 1261 to 1269. In 1271 they headed again for this continent taking the young Marco with them.

Their journey took three and a half eventful years during which they covered a great distance, from Palestine to Persia and on to the Persian Gulf, through Pakistan, the Pamirs and on to the North of China. There, the travellers reached the legendary court of the Mongol ruler Kublai Khan.

Speaking a few languages and reading the Mongol script, Marco Polo offered his services to the Khan who soon gained confidence in him. Subsequently, Kublai Khan entrusted Marco with confidential missions which led him through large parts of Eastern Asia but also to some regions of Southern Asia.

Marco Polo had to wait until 1292 to be allowed to travel back to Europe; this time the journey took him across the sea, along the coasts of the Indian Ocean, through Baghdad to Venice where he settled down to lead a normal family life.”

Reproduction Details: The hardcover books are made with two pieces of real wood on the inside. The leather is a 4 oz cowhide, from a small supplier in New York state. The Glue we use to attach the leather to the wood is made at our facility, and is a period correct wheat glue. Along the spine, we use a modern perfect binding, with modern glue, to make the binding last longer. We also add three layers of mull cloth to the outside of the perfect binding, drying in between each layer, a traditional way to make the binding stiff, strong, and resilient.

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