Sir. Isaac Newton Notebooks 1643-1727

Sir. Isaac Newton Notebooks 1643-1727

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Author: Sir Isaac Newton

Language: English, Some Italian

Date: 1660-1720

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History: Below are the 13 notebooks of Sir Isaac Newton. He was one of the most influential scientists of all time. He studied topics from mathematics to alchemy. Read along with Newton's own hand written notebooks and journal.


Notebook 1

Early Papers 1665-1672. 190 Pages

Description: This set of papers documents some of Newton's early mathematical thinking, work that would eventually develop into his theories of calculus. The texts include extracts he made from books he was reading, plus various notes and calculations - often on small scraps of paper that he had on hand.

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Notebook 2

Elementary Mathematics 1669-1700. 104 pages

Description: Notes and papers regarding algebra and geometry.

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Notebook 3

Fluxions 1665-1700. 588 pages

Description: Papers on infinite series, curves and fluxions, in the hands of Newton, plus two others.

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Notebook 4

Enumeration of lines of the third order 1667-1703. 160 pages

Description: Papers regarding curves.

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Notebook 5

On the Quadrature of Curves 1700-1706. 154 pages

Description: Miscellaneous drafts, notes and fragments regarding 'The Quadrature of Curves' (published 1706).

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Notebook 6

Papers on geometry and related subjects 1665 . 390 pages

Description: Papers relating to geometry.

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Notebook 7

Papers connected with the Principia. 1642-1727. 1560 pages

Description: Early drafts of the Principia and related notes; additions, corrections, and revisions to the Principia. This is the 'general' category; papers relating specifically to lunar theory or containing mathematical problems are classified separately.

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Notebook 8

Papers Connected with the Principia on Lunar Theory. 1665-1702. 665 Pages

Description: Papers Connected with the Principia on Lunar Theory

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Notebook 9

Papers Connected with the Principia on Mathematical Problems. 1700-1713.  84 Pages

Description: Drafts intended for the second edition.

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Notebook 10

Hydrostatics, Optics, Sound, and Heat. 1670-1710. 1326 Pages.

Description: This large accumulation of papers dates from about 1672 to 1706. It includes drafts of his book on Optics, in addition to other miscellaneous writings.

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Notebook 11

Notes of experiments in chemistry and alchemy. 114 Pages

Description: Notes of experiments, all in Newton's hand.

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Notebook 12

Laboratory Notebook. 1669-1693. 357 Pages

Description: Newton's notes on optics, precious stones, colors, temperatures, salts, medical matters, alchemy, and other subjects. Written in English and Latin, c. 1669-c.1693. The last four pages are written upside-down, from the back, and so numbered in reverse order 344-341.

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Notebook 13

Lectiones Opticae 1669, 310 pages

Description: Early draft in Newtons own hand.

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