Cosmography, 1190 CE

Cosmography, 1190 CE


Author:  Multiple Writers

Language: Latin

Date: 1190

Page #: 30

Reproduction Dimensions: 11.75 x 8.75 IN

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History: Created in England, in the late-12th century, this manuscript was intended to be a scientific textbook for monks. The manuscript is brief, just nine folios, and was designed as a compendium of cosmographical knowledge, drawn from early Christian writers such as Bede, and Isidore, as well as the later Abbo of Fleury. In turn, those writers drew on classical sources, such as Pliny the Elder, for their knowledge. But they adapted it to be understood through the filter of Christianity. The 20 complex diagrams accompany, and help to illustrate, the texts in the pamphlet; they include visualizations of the heavens and earth, seasons, winds, tides, and the zodiac, as well as demonstrations of how these things relate to man. Most of the diagrams are rotae (wheel-shaped schemata), favored throughout the Middle Ages for the presentation of scientific, and cosmological ideas. This was because they organized complex information in a clear, orderly fashion, making this material easier to comprehend, learn, and remember. Moreover, the circle, considered the most perfect shape and a symbol of God, was seen as conveying the cyclical nature of time, and the Creation, as well as the logic, order, and harmony, of the created universe.

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